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Tahitian Vanilla Powder 10g




Tahitian “chocolate” ground vanilla powder in a glass bottle.
  • Carefully selected vanilla beans from exotic Papua New Guinea have a unique flavor which combines sweet creamy Madagascar Bourbon vanilla with fruity and floral tones of Tahitian vanilla. It has an intense sweet smell with chocolate tones.


  • Our Gourmet Tahitian Vanilla (also called Tahitian Vanilla) from Papua New Guinea is an indispensable ingredient for a sweet treats, to prepare creams, cakes, cocktails, flavoured cold and hot drinks, waffles and chocolates.


  • Vanilla is the most demanding of all crops for human labour in its processing, as the entire processing and cultivation is done manually without using of tools. Therefore, vanilla is among the most expensive spice in the world, and nicknamed the Queen among the spices.


  • Our vanilla comes from Papua New Guinea. It is 100% locally grown, hand-made pollinated, using organic standards of agriculture. We work with local farmers to promote long-term sustainable employment, price stability, and best quality of our products.


  • Our Tahitian vanilla powder is pure, unadulterated vanilla beans, and will give plenty of flavour to anything you are baking. Vanilla powder generally tends to hold their flavour under the high heat of the oven. Another advantage that does not add any liquid to a recipe (comparing to vanilla extract).
Packaging includes 10 g of net weight of Tahitian vanilla powder which is approximately five pods.
Using instructions: 1 tsp mixed with chosen ingredients.


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