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Tahitian Vanilla Bean

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Handpicked carefully selected Tahitian vanilla beans from exotic Papua New Guinea, having a unique flavor that combines sweet – creaminess of Bourbon vanilla with fruity and floral notes.

Vanilla bean is a capsule of some species of orchids of the genus Vanilla. These are flax plants that must be inspected regularly. They bloom only a few hours, during which time the flower must be hand-pollinated, then it matures for 6-9 months. The fruits are then processed shortly before ripening. Over the next 8 months or so, the fruits ripen as we know them.

It is characterized by an intensely sweet aroma with notes of chocolate. This includes not only the enzyme of vanillin but also an enzyme called heliotropin which is a flavoring substance responsible for such exceptional smell.

With its fruity tones, vanilla from Papua New Guinea provides terrific complement to dishes having fruit flavor, desserts, cakes, Smoothies, puddings, toppings and various drinks.

The vanilla is unique in quality, flavor, and has its own distinct flavor. Papua New Guinea is environmentally suitable for the growth of vanilla due to hot and humid climate, frequent raining and a good balance of humid and drier months helps to grow a good quality vanilla.

Our vanilla comes from all over Papua New Guinea. They are 100% locally grown,  pollinated by hand. We work with local farmers to promote the interests of long-term sustainable employment, price stability, and the best quality.

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Tahitian vanilla bean size 15-16cm in vacuum packaging, ensuring of keeping freshness and beautiful scent of vanilla.

Ingredience: 2x Tahitian vanilla bean


Nutritional values per 100g:
Energy value 288 kcal
Fats 8,5 g
Carbohydrates 68 g
Proteins 0,5 g

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  1. JanS (verified owner)

    Exceptional top quality product, exactly XXL size, very hard to find on the market.

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