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Foxford – Coffee campus by Martinus

Divine spices project is as a fascinating story of humanity. And fantastic products especially coconut sugar with extraordinary caramel taste. We serve single servings in our coffee shops and getting only positive feedback from our customers. We are very lucky to be as a part of that project and to use much more healthier alternative to processed sugar. I hope that project will continue and we wish only the best for guys who run it. Thank you.

Mirka Bajaníková

Tinka Karmazin,

I have never tasted better coconut sugar. Pure taste, outstanding caramel flavour, not burnt as in other coconut sugars, small and soft crystals.

Tinka Karmažín

Sead Kurtov, Ice cream Kurtov

We are absolutely satisfied. Variability of using coconut sugar is wide, so we use it in our artisan ice cream, cakes and as a sweetener to our coffee. Origin and quality of ingredients are very important to us as for any honest producer of real food products and our customers expecting only the best. Your way you taking care of farmers, elderly and orphans are positively touching us and we are trying to bring some humanity in our small community as well.

Sead Kurtovi?

Bencik Culinary Group

We were looking for some alternative to processed sugar and on the way of searching we got to Divine spices coconut sugar and project behind it. We are happy that our intuition in business once again put us on the right path and connected us with Luka and his project. Our customers are more than happy.

Lucia Luptáková